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Briefly About Company

Our company has been successfully operating in the poultry meat production and processing market for a long time. Our factory is, above all, the work of a professional team, talented and active people who are not indifferent to the fate of their company. More than 500 unique specialists work with us.

Many of the employees have been working at the enterprise for more than 10-15 years, passing the love to the factory from generation to generation, preserving family traditions.

All employees of the poultry farm have mastered the work on modern German equipment and strictly adhere to production technologies.

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Tophats Farms has modern technology, uses natural high-quality ingredients.

The pledge of the unique taste of the finished products manufactured by our poultry farm is both poultry feed, based on the optimal combination of environmentally friendly raw materials, and the system of growing poultry and meat processing. All this allows us to develop dynamically, cooperate with companies around the world and constantly increase production volumes, effectively implement new developments.

Today, the company has a closed production cycle: from the production of hatching eggs to finished products.

Why to choose us? Quality Control

The most severe sanitary and veterinary quality control at all stages of the production of poultry products
guarantees them complete safety.

The products take into account all the
most important success factors:

  • 01Great
  • 02High-quality
  • 03Environmental
    friendliness of
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more about Wide range of products

We offer a wide range of chilled and frozen products from chicken and broiler meat: whole poultry carcasses; natural and chopped semi-finished products; as well as finished products prepared for culinary processing. More than 100 items in total. The range of our products can satisfy the taste of the most exquisite gourmet.

Broiler Chickens

Chickens grown in our poultry farm are distinguished by a thin fat layer and a large amount of white meat. Gentle taste and high dietary properties of chicken meat gains thanks to an ideal selection of feed formulations produced at its own feed mill factory, as well as the absence of hormones and growth stimulants. Broilers, grown at this enterprise, are highly appreciated by experts.

Tophats Farms Ltd. invites businessmen from Europe, America, Africa and Asia to cooperate. Interested partners are ready to jointly invest new production, to provide modern technologies and equipment.

We see our main task in providing buyers not only with tasty and fresh products, which certainly, but also to give confidence in the environmental safety of the goods purchased, and, most valuable, to provide the consumer with products that would be healthy!